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Kate showed Solo at Warrenton and Swan Lake at 3' and you can see his amazing jump!
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Girls went to an Open House at the Marion DuPont-VT  Equine Hospital where they observed new inventions to treat a multitude of injuries for horses.
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Olga and Prince captured a Reserve Champion at the VPBA show in Warrenton!  The judge remarked to Patty that she loved Prince and thought he was going to be something special, especially since he was so "green"!  Kate and Solo did their first 3' course successfully and they'll move up to Children's at the Rated shows.
Congratulations to both up and coming stars!!

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The "Oldest Horse Show in America", the Upperville horse show, was thwarted by the Canadian smoke and canceled for Thursday at noon.  Millie and Happy were to show around 2 in the Local Ponies, which was also canceled.  So trainers of the 2 ponies, Jenny Graham and Jane Turner, decided to put the seasoned ponies in the highly competitive Regular Medium Pony Division and see how their "Childrens Pony" competitors could do!  When all was said and done at the end of 2 days of competition, Gypsy Happy-Go-Lucky ended up with 7th, 2 8th places and a reserve.  Gypsy's Sweetheart ended with a 6th place in the Handy Hunter Class!  
Both ponies, and riders, are looking forward to the Loudoun Benefit for another journey into the Regular Medium Ponies!
*Millie celebrated her 15th Birthday at Loudoun Benefit in Upperville today!
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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Kate Thomas for being accepted into the Emerging Athletes Program at Sweet Briar this summer!  This is a very competitive training program and, only being 14 years old, we are all exceptionally proud that she was chosen.  Kate has also been accepted on the Washington International Horse Show Jr. Committee and will be working with other girls on various facets on this Event held in November at Prince George's Equestrian Center in Maryland.
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Grace Fennell and Millie at Rosemont!  Grace and Millie were also Champion Sm/Med Childrens at Lexington on 4/30!  Congratulations!!
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Congratulations to Grace Fennell on her lease of Gypsy's Sweetheart!  Grace was already Champion Childrens Pony at Rosemont!!  Grace and Millie should have a great career together for the next year (or two!).  Millie is with Jenny and Mike Graham at Cedar Creek Farm in Virginia.

Our 19yo jumper, still recovering from an injury, shined at Swan Lake winning at .70 with Olga 2nd, 3rd and 6th at .8 out of 20 participants.  Kate and "Buzz" continued their success at 3' Local getting 1st, 6th, 6th and 4th U/S and 2nd in the Medal.  Kate and Buzz will be moving to the Rated Childrens Horse in the near future!!
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Kate Thomas and "Buzz" aka Happy Hour, did their first 2'9" course at Swan Lake on Feb. 11!  Deloise Noble-Strong, who trained them, was also very pleased with this new milestone. 

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