Deloise Noble-Strong has over 40 years in the horse business, riding, training, teaching, and competing horses in multiple equestrian disciplines, specializing in the development of young horses.  She has taught riding and numerous clinics in the hunters, jumpers and equitation since 1999 in private riding schools, show stables, and lesson barns across the country, while continuing to run her own business Noble Stables out of her family farm in Upperco, Maryland. In her spare time, she writes a blog for equestrians, and is an avid supporter of education within the horse business. 

Patty will be teaching lessons and concentrating on beginners. Her “decades” of experience in all of the riding experiences and horse management make her uniquely qualified to instruct and educate students.


White Dove Stables will be offering Clinics for not only their own clients, but also for other riders. We will post information on our website, as well as other social media, when they are scheduled.


White Dove Stables is offering Boy and Girl Scout programs. Our program will be 2-3 hours and can be adjusted per your badge and work requirements. Patty Davis, a former special education teacher, welcomes all scouts of all abilities. We can provide instruction for Horse Lovers Badge, Horse Riders Badge, Horse Sense Badge and Horsemanship Merit Badge.

Included in Horse Lovers Badge: Tour of our Equestrian Center, introduction to the various breeds of horses/ponies, guidelines for general care of horses, observe and help with grooming, saddling and bridling horses. Scouts will observe a riding and jumping demonstration and introduction to various disciplines (hunter, jumper, dressage, racing, foxhunting). Scouts will also don a helmet and be lead around in the ring for a short ride! Scouts will assist with untacking, grooming and blanketing a horse for turnout as well as give the horse treats!

Horse Riders Badge: Scouts will get a handout of equine body parts as well as parts of the saddle and “tack”. A discussion of special care for horses including shoeing, vaccines, worming, and common illnesses. Scouts will demonstrate mounting and dismounting and basic use of aids as they are assisted in riding around the ring. Horse Sense Badge: Find out how to hold a horse for a vet and/or farrier. Learn how to lead a horse and safety rules when working around a horse. Scout will participate in a discussion about breeding, confirmation and temperament. Learn how to clean and care for tack; taking apart and putting bridle back together and how to properly hang a bridle. A discussion on therapeutic riding for people with disabilities (including Paralympics) and veterans with PTSD. Scouts will learn about various careers in the horse industry.

Horsemanship Merit Badge: Scouts will learn how to clean a stall, feeding (including special feeds for different horses) clipping and trimming. A discussion on the development of horses/ponies from foal to old age and techniques for working with them. A review of the other topics addressed in the previous Badges. Costs and responsibility of purchasing a horse, boarding a horse, showing fees, trailering, leasing a horse. Trail rides and horse swimming adventures as well as international horse adventures and organizations. Discussion about how horses are cared for in other countries and their uses and breeds. Handouts will be available for these in-depth topics!

For more information about costs and scheduling Scouts, please call Patty personally. I welcome leaders to come for a visit and a personal tour and more information about this program.